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Pryor Holdings is the parent company to all things under the Troy Pryor brand including ventures in tech, entertainment, health, and real estate. Pryor has built a vertically intergrated media brand, from artists aggregation to artist and content development to funding, production, distribution, and marketing.

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Troy Pryor Studios is a full-service production company providing 360 degree project management and ground-breaking content. TPS has content ranging from film, TV, digital media, live event, music, and visual art. Collaborations with Oscar and Grammy winning artists like Che "Ryhmefest" Smith have landed TPS work on TV, and work with Kanye's organization Donda's House, Common's organization, Common Ground Foundation, and The Aahh! Fest

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We are a conclave of content creators that have come together to champion diversity in the film industry by making it more accessible to independent artists. Creative Cypher has cultivated a network of hundreds of tech savvy multicultural millennials and Gen Xers who produce high-quality content and events. We provide a stage where diverse professionals can showcase their work, gain resources for project development and distribution, as well as education and mentor-ship.


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GOOD Network is dedicated to the distribution of premium digital content. Ownership and education is the key to economic empowerment and we are focused on helping artists become not only great creators but also great entrepreneurs



PYRAMID Creations is a joint venture with Pryor Holdings and Pyramid Solutions, a full-service media and marketing firm. Founded in 2005 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, PYRAMID has expanded its reach across the world.

The company strives to provide creative, cutting edge events and marketing solutions that establish PYRAMID as a dominant force in the industry.

PYRAMID currently produces premiere events in Chicago, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and the University of Illinois.

PYRAMID also provides small business consulting via Pyramid Solutions & Marketing, LLC and e-marketing services to over 50,000 email subscribers. Contact us at 773 759 4363 or to extend your marketing reach.